The Way of Aloha: Molokai

After two decades of separation, Manu and Elder Taylor are reunited on the beautiful island of Moloka‘i. As you visit the sacred places of Hālawa Valley, Kapuaiwa Royal Coconut Grove, and Kamakou Rain Forest, you’ll learn truths about Aloha, slowing down, guardian angels, simplicity, and connecting with your creator. At locations throughout the leper colony of Kalaupapa, you’ll be taught how to minister like the Lord Jesus Christ. This book will transport you to a tropical paradise to be touched by the light and love that radiates from the people and places of Moloka‘i. Don’t change Moloka‘i. Let Moloka‘i change you.

The Way of Aloha: Moloka'i

The Way of Aloha: Lanai

Cameron C. Taylor masterfully weaved ancient Hawaiian history and culture into an inspiring and engaging story set on the beautiful island of Lāna‘i. You will be transported to a tropical paradise for an adventure of a lifetime. As you visit sacred locations throughout the island, you will be taught by a Hawaiian kahuna the principles for joyful living. You will see why Hawaii is consistently ranked as the least stressed and happiest place in the world. As a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, the Hawaiian kahuna unfolds powerful insights into the gospel of Jesus Christ as he illuminates a more excellent way—the way of Aloha—the way of Zion. Learn the principles to create your own island paradise where ever you are. Paradise is not a location. It is a way of life.

8 Attributes of Great Achievers

This book is filled with inspiring stories from the lives of great achievers past and present
including: Gandhi, Benjamin Franklin, The Wright Brothers, Sam Walton, Jon Huntsman,
Winston Churchill, Walt Disney, and others.

  • Attribute 1: Responsible
  • Attribute 2: Creator
  • Attribute 3: Independent
  • Attribute 4: Humble
  • Attribute 5: Honest
  • Attribute 6: Optimistic
  • Attribute 7: Vision
  • Attribute 8: Persistent

8 Attributes of Great Achievers Vol. 2

This book is filled with inspiring stories from the lives of great achievers past and present including: Irena Sendler, Jon Wooden Neef Grigg, Bill Gates, Roger Bannister, George Washington, Philo Farnsworth, Christopher Columbus, and others.

  • Attribute 9: Courage
  • Attribute 10: Love
  • Attribute 11: Master of Fundamentals
  • Attribute 12: Hardworking
  • Attribute 13: Grateful
  • Attribute 14: Servant Leader
  • Attribute 15: Innovator
  • Attribute 16: Mission Driven

8 Steps to Lasting Excellence

8 Steps to Lasting Excellence is a full-color book filled with inspirational photos, quotes, and stories from many great achievers including Mahatma Gandhi, Helen Keller, Thomas Edison, Walt Disney, George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, Steve Young, and many others. This book will lead you to greater achievement, superior performance, and lasting excellence.

  • Step 1: Define Your Values
  • Step 2: Discover Your Missions
  • Step 3: Create Your Vision
  • Step 4: Write Down Your Goals
  • Step 5: Read Your Goals Daily
  • Step 6: Visualize
  • Step 7: Create an Action Plan
  • Step 8: Persistence

Preserve, Protect and Defend

While investigating corruption and evil alliances within the American government, an assassination attempt on Vice President Aaron Banner leaves him in a coma. Only a week earlier, Aaron gave his chief of staff, Paula Brackett, an envelope with instructions to, ‘Open only if something happens to me.’ Paula soon finds herself fighting not only for her country, but for her life. While Aaron is in a coma, he is transported in time to personally experience key moments in history. Aaron is taught unforgettable lessons from some of the wisest men who have ever lived George Washington, Christopher Columbus, Benjamin Franklin, Abraham Lincoln, and others. This book beautifully blends remarkable research and details of the founding of America with an inspiring and engaging story.

Does Your Bag Have Holes?

This original and ground breaking book beautifully blends principles, parables, and stories into an entertaining and inspirational read. An 80-minute abridged audio book on CD is included in the back of each 320-page book.

“Cameron was meant to write, and he does so beautifully. He writes with humor, insight, and profound wisdom. I came across so many different stories in Does Your Bag Have Holes? that I wanted to scan/type in and share. They’re that amazing.”

-Joi Sigers

12 Paradoxes of the Gospel

The gospel of Jesus Christ is filled with paradoxes. Many of God s directions seem to be contrary to logic and reason. On the surface they appear to have the opposite effect of the promised result. This book explores twelve of these gospel paradoxes with powerful scriptures and stories from the lives of faith-filled Christians.


Twelve Paradoxes of the Gospel overflows with insight, wisdom, and truth.”

-Finn Laursen, Executive Director, Christian Educators Association International